Expert B Reads for Pneumoconiosis.

Eastern Radiologists is a multi-specialty practice with more than 65 years in service. Our fellowship-trained, board-certified radiologists offer subspecialty imaging interpretation, including expertise in B Reads. Licensed in North Carolina and Virginia, our B Readers are NIOSH-certified and proficient in the ILO Classification system, able to review chest radiographs for the presence of occupational lung disease and other lung abnormalities.

NIOSH-Certified B Reads in NC and VA.

Eastern Radiologists’ B Readers have demonstrated proficiency in classifying radiographs of the pneumoconioses, earning certification by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). This is a mandatory certification for physicians who classify chest radiographs for national pneumoconiosis programs, like the Asbestos Medical Surveillance Program, the NIOSH Coal Workers’ X-ray Surveillance Program and other industry-sponsored medical screening programs. Certified B Readers can be trusted to provide accurate and precise ILO classifications, thanks to this approach standardized by NIOSH.

In addition to surveillance and worker monitoring programs, B Readers are often engaged by NIOSH and other organizations to participate in epidemiologic evaluations and research studies, government programs and contested proceedings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is pneumoconiosis?

Pneumoconiosis is an occupational lung disease and a restrictive lung disease caused by the inhalation of dust or asbestos, often in coal mines or from agriculture.

What is the B Reader Program?

NIOSH began the “B” Reader program in 1974 to standardize training and certify physicians in the ILO Classification System, which classifies radiographs for the presence of pneumoconiosis. Named for the “Blacklung” or Coal Workers’ X-Ray Surveillance Program, the B Reader program was in full operation by 1978.

What is involved in NIOSH certification?

In order to earn B Reader certification, a physician must pass a timed examination requiring classification of 125 radiographs. Physicians must demonstrate a thorough and reliable knowledge of the ILO Classification System and provide accurate and precise reviews.

How long does NIOSH certification last?

NIOSH B Reader certification is good for 4 years.

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