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Interventional Radiology Now Offering Ports

Interventional Radiology Now Offering Ports, POWERLINE®, and PICC Placement at Our State-of-the-Art Imaging Center

Eastern Radiologists is pleased to announce that our Interventional Radiologists are now offering Ports, POWERLINE®, and PICC placement procedures our state-of-the-art imaging center. We feel that adding our new imaging center as a location for patients, creates ease and comfort for those who are needing such services.


A port is a device that can be implanted under the skin to provide longer-term intravenous (IV) access for blood draws, chemotherapy, medications and infusions. The port can be accessed directly, eliminating the need for IVs and needle pokes in the arms and hands. The most common reasons for inserting a port are cancer requiring chemotherapy and difficult IV access. This form of intravenous access can be used for an intermediate term.


A PICC, or peripherally inserted central catheter, is a special kind of IV that can stay in for up to 6-8 weeks. PICCs are often used for chemotherapy and antibiotics. They can also be used for injection of contrast media. A long thin tube is inserted into an arm vein using ultrasound and X-ray guidance.

POWERLINE® Central Venous Catheter

Powerline® Central Venous catheters are cuffed, tunneled devices for short or long-term vascular access. Specially indicated for the power-injection of contrast media for CT scans, the Powerline® Central Venous Catheter also allows for central venous pressure monitoring and administration of I.V.
fluids, blood products, medication, and blood withdrawals.

For questions about these procedures, or if you are a provider with questions regarding referring a patient, please call Eastern Radiologists Interventional Radiology at 252-752-5000.