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Catherine Perry, PA

Fast Five with Catherine Perry, PA

What attracted you to Greenville?

Being from a smaller town and spending my college years in Raleigh, Greenville is a place that fits right in between. I have enjoyed exploring my way around and visiting the up and coming restaurants in “Uptown.” It is also so nice to be such a short drive from the beach. I’ll admit, my fiancé is what really brought me to the area as this is where we plan to reside after our upcoming wedding. Greenville really seems to have it all! 

What made you choose Radiology for your concentration?

Radiology is an intriguing specialty utilizing the science of medicine. Imaging is an additional factor in helping make the best possible diagnosis. For me, I enjoy the hands-on aspect of the field in assisting with and performing certain radiology and ultrasound guided procedures.

In what way do you support the physicians here at Eastern Radiologists?

I support the physicians here at Eastern Radiologists by preparing their patients for procedures, preliminarily interpreting certain images, and assisting with or performing fluoroscopy studies, arthrograms, thyroid biopsies, joint injections, etc. I am eager to continue learning about the field of radiology and work closely with the physicians to broaden my clinical skill set. 

How do you prefer to spend your free time?

I enjoy quality time spent with family and friends, relaxing at the beach, outdoor activities, watching college football and basketball, cooking, and traveling. 

Why Eastern Radiologists?

Eastern Radiologists has an outstanding reputation, not only within Eastern North Carolina, but within the state as a whole. This is evident with the continuous growth and expansion of the company. Eastern Radiologists also has a state-of-the-art facility with the most advanced technology.