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Maureen Barry, MD

Fast Five with Dr. Maureen Barry

Eastern Radiologists is proud to welcome our very first female neuroradiologist, Dr. Maureen Barry. She’s studied at universities and medical centers across the northeast, including Brown University, New York Medical College, Rutgers and New York’s Columbia Medical Center. She is a brand-new Greenville resident, along with her husband, bariatric surgeon Vincent Iannace, and their four children.

What prompted the move down south?

“My husband and I have always wanted to move to a warmer climate and leave the congestion of the New York metropolitan area,” says Dr. Barry. “We also liked the idea of raising our kids in a friendlier, closer-knit environment. Greenville fit the bill. We will, however, have to adjust to this heat!” she laughs.

You’ve had such a diverse educational background, from zoology and physiology, all the way to your start in general surgery. Why did you decide to become a radiologist?

“I have always had a fascination with science. I did start out in general surgery, but I have always been interested in radiology. The impact of technology on the entire field of medicine is tremendous. Technology is the defining factor in the future of medicine, and radiology is at the forefront.  Another reason I made the switch to radiology was because I knew it would allow more time for a family. Radiology is a field of medicine that affords great flexibility, especially being married to a surgeon.”

What led you to your neuroradiology subspecialty?

“I like being a doctor’s doctor and providing sub-specialized expertise,” she says. “I love being part of a team of doctors that are working together to solve a problem and deliver excellent care for patients. Neuroradiology is quite a subspecialized field, and I find the imaging most intellectual and enjoyable. This field is one of the most technologically advanced and, to me, it’s just fascinating.”

Are you able to manage any spare time at all?

“Well, not much,” she laughs. “We have three athletic girls, ages 11, 9 and 8, and a rambunctious 6-year-old boy as well as two dogs. Most of my time is spent with them, although I do like to participate in triathlons, and I’ve also been trying to complete one marathon a year for the past few years. I’m not sure how that will go in this heat!”

What are you most looking forward to in North Carolina?

“I’m excited to be working with such a well-trained group of radiologists. They have a long history of commitment to providing the latest technology and expertise in imaging and intervention in eastern North Carolina. The practice has welcomed me with open arms and I am thrilled to be a member of the neuroradiology section.”